So, how about a pre-order?

MSSGv2tinySo, how about a pre-order? Mrs. Shushman Says Goodbye is on its 2nd edition. It has a new cover, new formatting, and even a brand new bonus section about my influences when writing the title story. And it will be out in less than 9 days.

Wait, before you ask, YES, it is finished. It’s all done. The print book will be available soon as well. Both the print version and the e-version are significantly less than the first edition. Only $0.99 for the e-book and $5.99 for the print! Plus, if you get the print book on or after April 29, you can get the e-book for FREE. Pretty cool, huh!

You can click here to pre-order!

Thank you for the support.

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My Book Commercial and Cookie Puss

The book commercial. Where to begin?

OK, let’s begin in a galaxy far, far away….

For those of you who lived on the East Coast in the 70s and 80s, there was one thing that we could all recognize, even from those fuzzy, rabbit-eared, tube televisions, and that was Carvel.

Now, everyone knew about Cookie Puss, the cake with the ice cream cone nose. The narrator of those commercials was, well, not really built for narration. And the filming was, well, not really high on the excitement meter. Yet, we ALL knew Carvel. Again and again and again, especially during cartoons or the after-school special, we would listen to that droning, low budget commercial and want nothing more than to sink our gobs into that ice cream confection that was Cookie Puss. The commercial didn’t need flash or bang or celebrity endorsements. All it needed was a guy talking about Cookie Puss, and we were hooked. Carvel still exists. I no longer watch TV, so maybe the production value has gone up, but whoever was the boss of Carvel during those low-budget commercial years really had something. It worked. There were few of us who did not long for a Carvel cake. And now 30 or more years later, we still remember the low tech effect of an ice cream alien “flying” across our TV screens.

And that brings me to my first book commercial for Mrs. Shushman Says Goodbye. Now, there is something you should understand about me, I over-think everything. I was struggling to find some “thing” that would make my book commercial pop. Cups and cups of coffee later, nothing. No ideas. No revelations. Nada. Zilch.

And then, there was the ray of light that descended from the heavens (or the florescent light bulbs), and a voice–a droning man’s voice–seemed to say, “Think of Cookie Puss.”

And so here it is folks. My book commercial. No flash. No bang. Just a yummy little morsel to sink your figurative gobs into after watching cartoons.

I hope you like it.

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A new beginning…

Often in life, we have a new beginning. For example this is the new beginning for the website known as The Changeling Chronicles. I must admit that I do not like change. It makes me nervous. Don’t get me wrong, I know how to put out the fires that change can cause, but that does not mean I like it. I prefer to stay pleasantly immutable. To illustrate for you what I mean by this, the other day, I wore a shirt that I have had for over thirty years. That shirt is NOT the oldest item of wearable clothing in my wardrobe, and I have a pretty small wardrobe. See? Therefore, this new beginning is bound to make me feel a bit uneasy.

That said, I felt it was important to those who follow me as a writer to have access to better information. It had become a bit of an internet maze to find information about my writing. Were folks looking for my work going to be able to find it? Were they going to know that there are three different Changeling Chronicles books due for release this year? Would anyone know about the collection of short stories published last year, and would they know about the new collection coming out in Fall? Quite simply, I had to make a change. And here it is. The new beginning.

Over the coming weeks, I will be cleaning up the site and sharing a information about my book Mrs. Shushman Says Goodbye and about the upcoming release called The Mourning Wound–an introduction to the world of The Changeling Chronicles.

It’s a new beginning to a wonderful journey. Thank you for joining me.

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